Understanding KRIYA

Term Kriya

The word Kriya can be translated as “action”. In Kundalini Yoga, it usually means a complete series of exercises.

This specific action is seen as the origin, a seed, so to speak, from which something much greater can blossom. This image already shows how much power there is in a Kriya. Practicing a Kriya can enable you to do many things, it makes you grow and sooner or later changes your reality.

Kriya in the context of Kundalini Yoga

As already mentioned, the Kriya in Kundalini Yoga is a whole series of exercises, i.e. often a sequence of specific postures as well as breathing and sound. The individual specific Kriyas represent a respective unity and stand for themselves. Behind each Kriya is a goal, a direction, which you can ideally engage in.

A single Kriya in Kundalini Yoga is often repeated over several days, weeks or even months. In this way, you can repeat each Kriya regularly to explore the depth that lies within the Kriya and eventually master it. In doing so, you can open up to new levels of consciousness of your Self and reach a certain state. Each Kriya is balanced in itself and should be practiced exactly as it is written. If you strictly follow the instructions that each Kriya implies, you will be able to achieve the desired goal of it.

What does a Kriya do to you?

Feeling the depth and meaning of the Kriya through your yoga practice is one thing. The next is that you should also be aware of the magnitude beyond that. Experiencing Kriyas in Kundalini Yoga can also affect your life in general. It is quite possible that you will become more and more in harmony, your life will experience wholeness and your actions will experience appropriateness as you may never have felt before. Through this feeling and anchoring in your Self, grace and dignity eventually emerge throughout your body. You are powerful and endowed with the ability to accomplish things, to use actions appropriately - timeless and timely at the same time.

Some postures in Kundalini Yoga may feel uncomfortable to you and others may feel very pleasant. Everyone feels the effects of each posture individually, because this is also related to your previous experiences and of course these are not congruent for anyone.

In fact, you can use Kundalini Yoga as a tool for self-diagnosis: Your sensations and feelings during the postures, the Kriya, can give you information about the state of your body, your muscles and glands, and your emotions.

Central to Kundalini Yoga practice is your devotion. When you surrender to a Kriya to the highest degree possible, you are most likely to feel the effects of it within you.

Feel invited to practice a Kriya and experience what it means to engage in this specific sequence of actions. In my following Youtube video - a recording of my live session - I guide you through the “Nabhi Kriya for Prana and Apana”. This works on your life energy (Prana) and your energy to let go things (Apana). Both energies are important for you.

Get involved and have this experience with yourself. How do you feel afterwards? Feel exactly inside yourself, use this opportunity and above all: be honest with yourself!

This can be YOUR chance and it’s up to you if you take it….

If it feels right, continue! Practice this Kriya again tomorrow, in a few days or make another video. And if you want more, sign up for my regular online live Yoga sessions. I’m excited to welcome you there and guide you on your path.

Sat Nam!

Kundalini Yoga Trainer

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