The moon points

The topic, which I would like to bring closer to you today, is mainly aimed at women. But why? Women have eleven moon points and are strongly influenced by them, while men have only one moon point. Nevertheless, the article is also exciting for men, in order to be able to classify and understand the women in their life and environment a little better. Haven’t men always wanted to understand women? 😉

Moon points - what is that?

Moon points are areas of the body that react to the moon energy. These lunar energies affect your emotional balance, that is, your mood. The moon influences our earth, the tides, but also the growth of plants and even hair, as well as the rhythms of animals and the cycle of women. So the moon’s sphere of influence is quite massive, and we can - indeed, should - take advantage of our knowledge of it. After all, it can help us to understand some connections in a new way and find a new approach especially in our interaction with other people, ourselves and especially women.

Moon point of the man

As already mentioned, only one moon point is found in men. This is located on the chin. If a man wears a beard on this spot, solar energy can be absorbed through it and consequently the influence of the moon can be neutralized. Also, it is in the nature of the man to gain the greater influence through the energy of the sun. Accordingly, the influence of the moon in men is much less than in women.

Moon points of the woman

Women, on the other hand, have eleven moon points that influence their emotional experience. Each moon point controls different aspects of personality. Moon energy also flows into women through the chin and is then transmitted to the moon points. About every 2.5 days a woman’s moon point changes, which means that every 2.5 days a different moon point is supplied with moon energy and is therefore present. Thus, a cycle through all eleven moon points lasts about 28 days.

Let’s have a look at all eleven moon points and their respective effects on the woman one after the other.

1 Hairline

These days are characterized by the qualities of centeredness, self-confidence, open-mindedness, clarity, strength as well as decisiveness. You are completely and most of all yourself, which means you know who you are and what you want. You are at your best at this time. You succeed in neutral communication and feel light. This is a good time to make important decisions in your life.

2 Eyebrows

This moon point brings you flourishing ideas, fantasies, imagination and expansion of consciousness. It is a good time to express your creativity and sow new ideas, however, it is not the best time to make decisions as there is a danger of getting in your own way.

3 Cheeks

The cheeks harbor powerful energies and a very irritable mood. You are very emotional and out of control. You are bothered by the smallest things. There is a danger that you will look for strife and resistance. You can balance this tendency through meditation as well as conscious communication. In this phase, discipline is necessary to keep yourself in check. Eating well and drinking a lot is also helpful. Use these days rather for retreat and for some time with yourself and best do not make any important decisions.

4 Lips

Wow, all of a sudden you are totally talkative. Your communication goes to extremes - it’s either effective, uplifting and positive, or sharp-tongued, destructive and annoying. Find your balance and do things that are good for you, such as meditation. Rely on your intuition and feel whether the tendency in you is more negative or positive, and depending on the situation, it is better to stay calm.

5 Earlobes

When your earlobes rule the energies, it means constant questioning and discussion of values for you. You are very analytical with a tendency to be highly self-critical. This is not a good time to make final decisions.

6 Neck

The neck represents a desire for sensuality and romance and brings to life your need for touch through skin contact, music, romantic books and movies. You are loving, gentle, kind, and also a risk taker. You have an enchanted daily life through little things that make you happy. Self-love is especially easy for you now. It is important to you to take time for yourself. You also like to flirt and have a desire for new things. These days are also not a good time to make important decisions.

7 Breasts

Now you feel a great deal of compassion and like to give to your fellow man. You have a strong social commitment and a feeling of +*overflowing love**. These days you are very anchored in your heart. Your longing for intimacy is being pursued and you feel connected to the big whole. However, saying no is difficult for you, so this is also not a good time for personal as well as business decisions.

8 Belly Button

On these days you feel a strong insecurity and instability. You succeed only little, your concentration is weaker. You lack the desire to socialize, so you tend to withdraw. Right now you are very vulnerable - especially to criticism. You have a tendency to compensate for your insecurity by being aggressive. Therefore, accept the help of others instead of playing the strong woman when you actually feel weak. Listen to your inner self and relax when you need it. Exercises to strengthen your navel will help you and chanting is also good. Currently is not a good time for discussions.

9 Thighs

Your presence is characterized by steadfastness and you are in the process of wanting to affirm and confirm everything. Others sense your great persistence and that you strongly hold and assert your own opinions. You are full of energy, productive, self-reliant and able to get things done with ease. Finally, a good time to make decisions has arrived.

10 Clitoris

This moon point awakens your need for wider social circles as well as expanding contacts. You are talkative and charming, meeting friends and generally enjoying going out. Social interaction delights and fulfills you. This is a good time to take leadership and organize things. But be careful not to ostracize the other people around you too much.

11 Vagina

Your vagina represents your need for closeness in the narrower sense (partner, family and friends). Deep intimacy and companionship are important to you. However, you may also have a feeling of emptiness and a need to be alone. If so, take some time off and enjoy meditating. Connect with the divine and your stillness!

And how do you deal with this knowledge now? 🌙

If you know the sequence of your moon points, you can understand yourself much better and also your partner, family and friends can benefit from this knowledge. The good thing is, if you first know the sequence of your moon points, because this sequence always stays the same - unless you experience an enormous shock or trauma. To figure out the sequence, you can, for example, write down in your calendar every day how you feel and which moon point that might correspond to. Just rely on your feeling and trust your intuition. Through conscious observation, you will be able to figure out your moon point progression well.

You can also use Kundalini Yoga techniques to stimulate your moon points. In general, chanting mantras is an excellent technique for this. You can also practice the Kirtan Kriya while lying down to balance your moon points. To do this, lie on your belly and rest your chin on the floor. Your arms are on the sides of your body with your palms facing up. With your fingers, form the sequence familiar from Kirtan Kriya along with the “Sa Ta Na Ma” mantra. You can do this meditation for 3 - 31 minutes. Feel free to do it for 40 days at a time to get a long term effect.

I wish you much joy in exploring your moon points!

Sat Nam 🙏

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