The eighth chakra

A series about the 8 chakras of Kundalini Yoga - Aura

The journey through the eight chakras in Kundalini Yoga ends today with the last station: the aura. Many chakra theories and also illustrations do not include the aura as the 8th chakra. In Kundalini Yoga, however, the aura has an equally important role as all other seven chakras that I’ve talked about before.

The aura is located outside of your body. It is related to your radiation. The color of the aura is white and is located in the electromagnetic field of your body. It is not associated with any of the elements, but simply “only” with the feeling of being. The aura gives you the space for yourself and fills it with yourself, with your presence.

In the eighth chakra the effects of all other chakras are brought together. The aura also represents the power of the energy sphere that surrounds all other seven chakras, a kind of surrounding field. Within the specific energy of the aura, the universal flow of energy becomes fixed. You can feel deep connectedness within you through the power of your aura, as it interweaves you with the entire universe.

Everyone has an aura, some can even see the aura of others. You can also strengthen this ability within yourself. Auras can be between three and nine feet in size.

In addition, the element water is good for your aura, for example when you go into the water, take a shower or a bath. This can change your aura. Likewise, drinking water and letting water out of your body purifies you and your aura and changes your emotions.

Your aura is your protective body and also your projection body that surrounds you.

A strong aura …

… provides you with the ability to filter out negative influences from your surroundings. Your other chakras can work better together. It creates a connection to the integrity of the electromagnetic field of your body. Your surrounding field will look round and symmetrical, provided you are healthy. Then your presence alone will work for you. This means that universal forces will be directed to serve you, to fulfill your wishes and needs.

A weak aura …

… on the other hand, makes you vulnerable to all external influences. When you are sick, your aura has bulges with weaker radiance and even holes. It is then possible that you feel vulnerable, live a more withdrawn life and appear shy.

Kundalini Yoga & Aura

Also in connection with this chakra, your aura, you can use practices from the colorful world of Kundalini Yoga. To strengthen your aura, the following exercises from Kundalini Yoga can support you well if necessary:

  • Triangel Pose
  • Ego Eradicator
  • Archer Pose
  • All arm exercises
  • All meditations

As usual, this list of exercises is not a panacea. Please always look for yourself individually, what exactly you can do in which way. If you are uncertain, please always consult your doctor.

During a Kundalini Yoga class different chakras are usually touched and activated, often with a focus. If you would like to know more about this or if you would like to book a Kundalini Yoga session with me on a specific chakra or topic, please feel free to send me an email as always. ✉️

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