Youtube & me

Would it not be great to get regular Kundalini Yoga videos available on Youtube? That is exactly what I thought… so I finally realized it.

What is SADHANA?

This specific term is used in the world of Kundalini Yoga. Find out what it means concretely and read my full article about it @ YogiApproved.

The sixth chakra

Read all the details about the sixth chakra “Ajna” and dive deeper into the upper triangle. The main attention here is on intuition and the connection to your soul.

The fifth chakra

Learn about the fifth chakra “Vissudha” and get to know the beginnings of the upper triangle. The main attention in this chakra is on communication and self-expression.

The fourth chakra

Dive deeper into the qualities of the fourth chakra “Anahata”, where the main focus is on love and its power.

The third chakra

Make yourself familiar with the unique power of the third chakra “Manipura”, where we focus on action, power, personality and control.

The second chakra

Get to know the specific power of the second chakra “Svadisthana”, where we focus on creativity, sexuality and emotions.

The power of the chakras

I take you on a journey about the knowledge of chakras and introduce you to the first chakra “Muladhara”. Be excited to get to know and understand the specific energy that this chakra produces.

Green diet - Day 7 & conclusion

I tell you about my final day of the green diet. Moreover, I draw a conclusion and let you know what my friend thinks about her own experience with this diet.

Green diet - Day 5 & 6

My green diet project goes on and I share more insights with you about my meals and feelings with it.