Mantras in Kundalini Yoga

As in no other form of yoga, Kundalini Yoga uses a wide variety of mantras again and again. The participants are then invited to chant the mantras (alternatively humming, speaking or thinking - but ideally chanting) and thus awaken a very special power: the Naad.

What does Naad mean?

The Naad is the inherent being of every sound, or the sound current. Through the harmony in the vibration you can experience infinity and feel it within you. Every sound influences you and changes your state. By speaking or chanting positively affirmed mantras, you allow your soul to access the higher energies and an elevated state of consciousness.

What does mantra mean?

Basically, the word mantra comes from Sanskrit and is translated as sacred syllable/word/verse. In yoga, a mantra is spoken of as the creative projection of the mind. Through the generated sound or sound current and the vibration, a mantra triggers a specific, targeted effect on you and your chakras. Each mantra brings its own sound and thus specific energy, which can then affect you. You can therefore also use mantras in a very specific way to create a certain effect. This in turn allows you to control and direct your mind more consciously. Each mantra has a positive effect on you and supports you in your individual processes.

The language of mantras

The mantras used in Kundalini Yoga are primarily from Gurmukhi, a sacred Indian language, and thus are usually not directly translatable for us. A few Kundalini Yoga mantras are also in English. You can find out for all mantras their translation as well as meaning or inherent power in books or online. However, for the effect of the mantras you do not need to understand its words and their meaning, because the mantra works anyway. Often you will have a sense of it and can trust it when you feel drawn to a particular mantra - perhaps initially for no apparent reason.

My advice: Trust your intuition and let it guide you …

Speciality in Kundalini Yoga

Especially in Kundalini Yoga mantras attain a special position and have a much higher priority compared to other yoga styles. The power of mantras is an important part of Kundalini Yoga and therefore indispensable. Right at the beginning of a Kundalini Yoga session, two well-known mantras are chanted - first the Adi Mantra, which is usually followed by the Mangala Charan Protective Mantra.

Adi Mantra & Translation

ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO (I salute the energy that leads me from darkness to light).

Mangala Charan Mantra

AD GURE NAMEH (I salute the energy that is always there.)

JUGAD GURE NAMEH (I salute the energy through all the ages.)

SAT GURE NAMEH (I salute the true energy.)

SIRI GURU DEV-E NAMEH (I salute the all-encompassing energy.)

To conclude the yoga class, the song May the long time sun is classically sung with 3 final long “Sat Nam”.

May the long time sun






Thus, each yoga session has a clear framework and also triggers trust through this recurring ritual of mantra singing. In addition, within the yoga session, (short) mantras are regularly used - such as Har (which means creative creativity). These are often related to a movement. Especially the mantra Sat Nam is offered again and again for the students to let it resonate as a mantra in their mind during the individual exercises. Often the mantra is then combined with the breath, i.e. inhale Sat, exhale Nam. This tightens the focus of the student. Sat Nam can be translated as true identity.

Meditation & Mantra

In addition, there are many meditations that use a mantra. So-called Celestial Communications use a certain mantra recurrently and connect the words with certain body movements. Here the use of creativity is definitely allowed, so that different movements can be used in harmony with the mantra. This form of meditation in movement is something very special and unique, which you will find in this form in the yoga world only in Kundalini Yoga.

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Have fun exploring the world of mantras & more. 🎶

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