Introducing Ruha Healing

Get to know me and my work


Sat Nam & Welcome to Ruha Healing! 🙏

I’m happy that you’ve found my website and are interested in getting to know me and my work. I have been practicing Yoga for many years, and especially Kundalini Yoga has hit me right in the heart. I’ve found a true treasure in it, which I can hardly wait to share with you. Finally it has happened that my heart project goes live and I can share all my ideas and services with you.

Ruha Healing deals with various topics around spirituality, Yoga - Kundalini Yoga in particular, meditation, connection to the soul and the whole body-mind-soul-system. I want to accompany you on your very individual journey to your inner core, your self, your true essence - your SAT NAM.

Importance of Ruha Healing

Ruha is the word for soul in Gurmukhi, which originated from the Indian scriptures. This language is used in Kundalini Yoga for many terms and mantras. Connected with the word healing I offer you a way to your individual soul healing.

Through my work I want to give you the opportunity to deepen the access to your soul and to start a process of healing. The human soul is often taken up by layers that arise from the outside, for example educated behavior, implanted beliefs, pressure on various levels, expectations of other people and much more. Through Kundalini Yoga your soul can be freed from all this stress and influence - step by step you can reach your true self and recognize you within yourself. You can let things go and heal in a gentle way with this yogic tool.

In order to experience this, it is beneficial to develop a regular yoga practice and dedicate yourself fully to your path. Try it out, let yourself go, start or continue your spiritual journey. Wherever you are right now in life and in the access to your self - everything is right as it is, you have all possibilities to unfold.

How does this work?

I organize live classes of Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan, both online and onsite.

The live online classes can be joined from wherever you are, all you need is a good internet connection and a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone.

We’ll be using Zoom to meet virtually but you’ll be able to see and listen to my live instructions. For the best experience, I generally recommend that you also use a webcam and share your video but it is not mandatory.

Onsite classes are currently paused because of the Corona virus but as soon as the situation allows it they will resume both in Portugal and Germany where I live and work.

Additionally, it is possible that you book a yoga course with me for yourself, a group or a special event. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss any details directly.

I invite you to experience the special techniques of Kundalini Yoga - with you, on your mat and together on the way to your Sat Nam.

Moreover I will write blog posts and share some specific Kundalini Yoga knowledge with you.

Start now… 🧘‍♀️

… and directly join my next Kundalini Yoga session online on Sunday!

We’ll be using Zoom for these online classes so you can join to practice Kundalini Yoga from your home or wherever you might be stucked at the moment.

All you need is to put your matress at your favourite place where you have enough space to move your body, grab a cushion and blanket, prepare some drinking water and meet me online to do yoga!

The course starts on Sunday, April 26, 6 PM CEST ( Find your local time) but the Zoom meeting will open up 20 minutes in advance and I recommend to show up early as participation in this course is limited.

This course is offered free of charge. Thus I hope to do something good for you in these wild times and sweeten your Sunday a little.

Feel free to sign up for the Sunday class right here!

To stay up to date about my next courses, new blog posts and more, you can also follow me on facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am happy to be connected with you.

I am very happy to welcome you in my classes, to get to know you and to support you on your very own way. 💚

Kundalini Yoga Trainer

I’m a Kundalini Yoga trainer and organize live classes online, onsite and for corporate businesses.