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Negative, positive & neutral mind

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First, let’s look at what exactly is behind your mind. Do you have any idea about it? Your mind is a complex entity and governs you in many ways.

The Mind 🤯

Your mind serves your soul and produces many more thoughts than you could ever process. It is automatic, always active, and almost overwhelms you with thoughts. It is your mind that thinks instead of you. There are also thoughts that do not support your true self, what you are. In short, the mind brings with it its pitfalls, so it is good to understand it all the more and use it to your advantage.

Another important characteristic of the mind is its urge to polarize. This means that it prefers to sort everything into good and bad, positive and negative. Thus, your mind is always looking for contrasts in order to be able to classify things. And this works best through constant movement, so to speak always on the search.

You can understand your mind as its own structure, process or current, which you can observe yourself and finally also change. You can achieve changes, for example, through your own thoughts, conscious breathing or meditation.

Consequently, it is important that you understand the structure of your mind itself and discover thought origins in order to finally decide for yourself which thoughts are in accordance with and correspond to your true self. By clearly perceiving your thoughts, you can orient yourself to your soul and consciously follow its path. Consequently, you will also be able to perceive an awakening of your intuition, which will support you in living out your destiny.
All this is a complex process, because to observe your mind you need your mind, which in turn seems incredibly strong and almost unpredictable. Techniques to control your mind are mainly meditations, breath control and mantras. Through these you can find a certain zero point, a place where your mind is still. There is calmness there …

In this maelstrom and labyrinth of thoughts about thoughts and the desire to control them, it can become exhausting to stay with it and to deal with your own thought structures. To understand this a bit more, the three aspects of the mind are also important: Your mind is namely divided into negative, positive and neutral.

The negative mind ➖

Negative mind may sound negative to you at first, but it is not per se. Your negative mind is just as important as your positive and neutral mind and all 3 aspects are present in you.

What exactly does it mean that a part of your mind is negative? The negative mind is also called the protective mind, which describes its relevance quite well. It serves you to protect you from danger, so that you simply survive. It lays its protective hand over everything that could threaten, disturb or destroy you. Thus its motto is rather negation. Thereby the protecting mind mainly refers to past experiences and wants to help you e.g. by a no-signal that you do not get involved in a certain thing, because the mind has internalized due to made experiences that this will not be good for you. The main motivation of this mechanism is pure protection and to preserve the high good of life. At the same time, your negative mind is mainly connected to your subconscious mind. Also, inherent in this aspect of your mind is a deep longing for belonging. The highest form of this connection you can make is with your higher self.

Sat Nam!

The positive mind ➕

As you already know, your mind is not only negative, but also positive oriented. These two aspects seem like two opposite ends. But are they?

The positive mind is the expansive part of your mind. It is in search of pleasure and fulfillment. In contrast to the reactive negative mind, the positive mind is active, risk-taking and constructive. It rather sends yes-messages and encourages you to do things, freely according to the motto “Come what may” or “Everything is possible”. In this way, the expansive mind strengthens your thoughts and tempts you into a constant saying yes, if it is very pronounced. It thus gives you a strong will and generates strong, direct communication. It is also characterized by expansion and the ability to let resources in. There is a strong reference to the future, behind which there is certainly a certain curiosity.

All in all, it becomes clear that the two aspects negative and positive are relatively opposed to each other, since they pursue completely different goals and function fundamentally differently.

The neutral mind 🙏

But how can you combine both influences, positive and negative, and make decisions? For this you have your neutral mind.

This part is also called meditative mind. It has the power to judge and assess. It does not pursue its own goal and is not attached to your reality. It has the ability to observe the actions of negative and positive mind, without joining one part directly. It can decide for you which direction is better for you - and that within 9 seconds. Relevant for the meditative mind is only your higher self, with which it is connected. However, this connection can be more or less strong. It is important to train and strengthen this aspect of your mind so that you can live your life in the greatest possible harmony with your higher self and ultimately your destiny. Your view will become more intuitive and you will be able to touch your soul. Thus, the neutral mind is characterized by consciousness and has access to the soul.

What do these insights into the mind mean for you?

As already mentioned, all these parts are also present in you. The individual aspects are developed differently in every person. Maybe you have a feeling for it, how the situation is with your mind currently….

Basically it is the case that EVERY thought is filtered through the negative, positive and neutral mind. Your neutral mind then makes - provided it is developed accordingly - the decision that is best for you.

Through a developed neutral mind you stay centered, whole and together. The whole experience can be enjoyed in this way. But this neutral state of mind must first be developed, trained, experienced and refined. After that, any success in life is possible. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, you can develop and train your neutral mind and with it the capacity for intelligence, perseverance and integrity. Meditating on a regular basis is one of the most important fundaments for a strong and supporting neutral mind. Finally, with the neutral mind you can establish an intuitive way of seeing as well as access to your own soul. Your actions in this state are dignified and follow your heart as well as your soul. Your own light can penetrate outward and thus infect other lights, other souls. 🔆 Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

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I am convinced that the regular practice of Kundalini Yoga strengthens your neutral mind, but also brings other manifold positive effects. In each session there is also a part at the end where we meditate. By meditating again and again, you are also doing something good for your whole system. Thus, a Kundalini Yoga class is a wonderful overall package for you to get closer to yourself and to follow the path of your soul.

Wahe Guru!

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