The essence of Kundalini Yoga

as taught by Yogi Bhajan

There is a really big variety of yoga forms like Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Iyengar or Power Yoga and some more. Each Yoga form has its own fascination. I myself feel most attracted by Kundalini Yoga, although I did a lot of Hatha Yoga for years. Nevertheless, Kundalini Yoga has a certain attraction that I have never encountered before in yoga.

Yoga in general

The power of yoga is generally very high and the effects of regular practice are very beneficial to your entire body-mind-soul system. With your own yoga practice you create a connection and go into relation with yourself. A central word here is “consciousness”. With the techniques of yoga you receive practical tools to connect with your higher and finally with the universal consciousness. You can explore your own dimensions, depth and possibilities as a human being.

But why Kundalini Yoga?

Because it is an incredibly energetic collection of possibilities to increase your consciousness and to work on your very individual energy flow. You are infused with different kinds of energies and can master them with Kundalini Yoga. With the flow of energy it is quite simple: The energy is in you in one way or another anyway! But with the help of Kundalini Yoga you can feel, control and finally use the energy for yourself. This is just amazing! 🤩

The various exercises work on your glandular and nervous system and strengthen it through regular practice. A strong nervous system is always and maybe especially now in the current time full of challenges an important basis. By working on your nervous system you also strengthen yourself for your life outside of yoga and that is a really valuable asset.

In my opinion, the special charm is also based on the fact that many of the exercises in Kundalini Yoga are quite special. I have never experienced many of the positions and postures in other yoga forms and can say that they touch me extraordinarily intensely. During the exercises you can often feel where inner activity is developing, where the energy is flowing, where it is blocked and more. In addition, you meet yourself again and again, especially when you completely devote yourself to the exercises. It is not uncommon for students to report special feelings and sensations after the yoga sessions. That alone has something magic for me! ✨ This also happens through the work on your 8 chakras. The theory and meaning of the chakra knowledge is just as valuable and helpful for your own spiritual path. You’ll find blog posts with an introduction to the world of each chakra later on my website. Interested in these and other issues? You are welcome to stay up to date and follow me on social media to be informed about new blog posts.

All in all, Kundalini Yoga gives you power and inspiration for your development and can result in awakening your soul. This process is also called the awakening of the Kundalini energy. 💫

The term “Kundalini”

The word Kundalini is referred to as the awakening of your soul. It is often mentioned that through yoga you can awaken your kundalini energy and let it rise into your higher chakras. According to yogic understanding, this specific energy lies curled up in the lowest chakra, the muladhara, and can be made to rise through yogic practice. Then, through specific exercises, this powerful energy is stimulated and enabled to flow through the chakras and finally reach the very top. Once there, it is said that you attain a state of “super-consciousness” in consciousness. ✨ WOW! ✨ Does’t that sound fascinating?

Perhaps you already realized how powerful Kundalini Yoga is as a whole. However, theoretical insights into how it works are not the only thing that matters. Especially important is: Experience it! Get involved and meet your own energy system, put yourself in relation to your true identity, your Sat Nam.

I invite you to be part in my online Kundalini Yoga sessions. Once a week, usually Sunday evening 6pm CEST, I give Kundalini Yoga online live classes for free. I am happy to meet you there. Feel free to sign up for it here:

What does such a class look like?

We will all - as a group and at the same time each one of us for him or herself - tune in with the Adi Mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”. This prepares your system and connects you to your higher self. Followed by the protection mantra “Ad Gureh Nameh”, we create an almost sacred space. Then we start with the movement and your body can WARM UP with a few exercises.

Equally important is the handling of the breath. This is an indispensable connection to every life and therefore very important. Through different PRANAYAMA techniques, i.e. breathing techniques, different energy states can be created and controlled. There is a wide range of pranayama exercises with different rhythms and tempos, which then have their individual influence on the body-mind-soul system.

Central part of a Kundalini Yoga class is the KRIYA. The term Kriya stands for a series of exercises. The range for these Kriyas is all-encompassing and really huge. You can find everything from very gentle to medium to very challenging Kriyas. The difference to other yoga styles such as hatha yoga is that many exercises are dynamic. Often the position is also in connection with a certain breathing technique like for example the energizing fire breath. But there are also static postures, which are not really comparable with positions I know from other yoga styles. It’s a special yoga world which is worth getting to know.

Through this practice you prepare your body for the final meditation. When the Kriya is finished, you will have the opportunity for DEEP RELAXATION before MEDITATION. This will help your body to integrate all the experiences made in the series of exercises on a cellular level. For meditation, the possibilities are equally wide and varied. Basically it is common to distinguish between meditations with and without mantra. At the very end we tune out with the song “May the long time” and simply enjoy the flow of energy in our system. 🙏

As you can see, in Kundalini Yoga we like to chant mantras. You can open your heart and connect with the sound-flow of the mantras. If you really get involved and let the songs enter your system, you can dive deeply into yourself and feel a sense of well-being.

“Yoga is not going to make you great. Yoga is going to make you you!” (Yogi Bhajan)

Kundalini Yoga Trainer

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