Did You Know You Have an Eighth Chakra?

Learn All About Your Aura as Your Highest Energy Center

Did you know that in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga the aura is also called the Eighth Chakra? Surely you’ve heard the term aura before and know roughly what it’s all about.

Today, let’s dive a little deeper into the knowledge of auras from the perspective of Kundalini Yoga.

What Is Your Aura? And How Does It Act as Your Eighth Chakra?

Many chakra theories and illustrations do not include the aura as the Eighth Chakra. In Kundalini Yoga, however, the aura plays as significant a role as any of the other seven major chakras.

The aura is located outside your body. It is related to your radiance. In terms of color, the aura is represented as white and is located in the electromagnetic field of your body. In the Eighth Chakra, the effects of all other chakras are brought together.

It’s not associated with any of the elements, but simply with the feeling of being. The aura gives you the space for yourself and fills it with yourself. Essentially, your aura is your presence.

In the Eighth Chakra, the effects of all other chakras are brought together. The aura also represents the power of the energy shell that surrounds all the other seven chakras, a kind of ambient field.

Within the specific energy of the aura, the universal flow of energy is fixed. You can feel a deep connection within you through the power of your aura as it weaves you into the entire universe.

Every person has an aura, and they can be anywhere from three to nine feet tall. Some people can even see the aura of others, and it’s possible to strengthen this ability in yourself.

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